I am so thankful for this post. I’ve been raped too and I know a friend who was raped by a family relative. But somehow,some people think that rape is something extremely rare, most of them are men who have never been raped.

I always swore I would not be a typical feminist. I swore by the pearls I inherited and the blue southern blood that runs through the veins that lay under my cardigan sweater that I would not become some emotional, liberal, democrat. I would stand by my conservative, republican Christan roots and oppose the silliness that is that lovely little play that congress seems to conduct on a regular basis these days. But things change. Things always chan … Read More

via Space Cadet Blues


About Janisse Baez

20 years old. Puerto Rican, feminist, atheist and everything pro-equal rights (that includes anti-racism and things of the like). I no longer update this blog. You can find me in my other blog here: www.atea-y-feminista.tumblr.com

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