“…But I don’t believe that I have a right to take what is an article of faith to me and legislate it to other people…”

The abortion procedure should be done on women who are 100% sure. If a woman who is having second-thoughts undergo an abortion, the chances she will regret it are high. Those are the woman who say that EVERY woman will regret it sooner or later. NO. The people who will regret it are those who did not reflected or thought deeply about the issue.

Abortion should be the rarest thing in the world.  But sadly, we women have uterus. Sadly for those who do not wish to have a pregnancy of course.  Now, I am pro-choice. No, I am not pro-abortion. You see, I think that a woman has a full right to make the final decision, whether she wants to continue with her pregnancy or not. The father’s opinion should be highly taken in consideration, but the final decision should be made by HER and no one should go beyond that final decision.

When Kyra, a girl whom I studied with since the 5th grade, found out she was pregnant, she went to the abortion clinic along with her boyfriend.  She sat down in the chair waiting to be attended. But then, she changed her opinion and decided to continue with her pregnancy. She got up, told her boyfriend and left. Her boyfriend, however, did all he could do so she could terminate her pregnancy. He threatened to kill her father and to hit her if she didn’t. But SHE made her final decision. That is a true victory for pro-choicers and I’m happy for her. Do you know all the psychological problems, all the trauma she could have been trough if she didn’t made her decision? No, you don’t.

Same thing happens when a woman decides to terminate her pregnancy. But what if the father wants the baby after she gives birth? Well if she’s okay with being 9 months pregnant and then giving away the baby to her father, perfect. But she needs to be sure. Now, what if she simply doesn’t wish to have a pregnancy? Should she be forced? Yes? Then why don’t we force girls like Kyra to terminate her pregnancy against their will? Do you know all the psychological problems a woman can suffer if she is forced to continue with a pregnancy against her will? Probably not.

Now, I’ve been getting replies that says  that “a life is a life no matter what happens ” and how we should protect it. Well I’m 99% sure they didn’t say that when they heard the US killed Osama. That’s how hypocrite we can be.


About Janisse Baez

20 years old. Puerto Rican, feminist, atheist and everything pro-equal rights (that includes anti-racism and things of the like). I no longer update this blog. You can find me in my other blog here: www.atea-y-feminista.tumblr.com

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